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Instead, the company went to the effort of specifically deleting that model from the driver, possibly hoping owners would surrender in frustration and buy Microsoft's top-of-the-line model instead.

Perhaps Microsoft should start thinking of reliable products that work for many years as a selling point and a mark of pride, rather than a burden on their future hardware sales.

When you select the keyboard model on Microsoft's keyboard software download page, the latest operating system supported is Windows XP.

At first glance, Vista and Windows 7 users would appear to be out of luck.

Device Desc%=Microsoft KBD_Dev_Vista, HID\VID_045E&PID_002D&MI_00 Save the file and proceed with Step 5. NTamd64.6.0] ;========= Microsoft USB Internet Keyboard (Intelli Type Pro) %HID\VID_045E&PID_002D&MI_00. Now copy the 2 files you modified in the previous steps back into the Intelli Type folder, overwriting the original copies.Some clever users quickly realized they could get partial functionality by selecting a similar keyboard model instead ("Internet Keyboard", "Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000" or "Natural Multi Media Keyboard"), but that method is an incomplete solution: the media keys will then work with their default behavior but can't be reprogrammed.Whereas in Windows XP you could set the Media key to open i Tunes (for example), in Vista or Windows 7 the button would only launch Windows Media Player.I was OK with this limitation as a Vista user, but with the awful changes in Windows 7's Windows Media Player 12, I was inspired to find a way to reprogram the Media button to launch a more sensible music program.Good news for Natural Keyboard Pro owners: the instructions below describe an easy way to restore full functionality for the keyboard under Windows Vista and Windows 7, including programmable media keys.

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As with certain other Microsoft hardware, this seems to be a case of Microsoft phasing out support for a perfectly functional product for questionable reasons.

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